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How do I take care of my jewelry?

Although our bling is top-notch, neglecting its upkeep could spell doom for your shine, so heed these silver-saving tips!


  • Sport it daily! Believe it or not, rocking your jewels daily will help prevent them from losing their shine.
  • Pop it before tackling tasks: steer clear of water and nasty chemicals if you can. Avoid contact with perfume and cosmetics.


Here's the top tip for sparkling jewelry: keep it looking fresh by stashing it in our boxes or seal it in an airtight bag. Sulfur in the air? Not a friend to your bling!

By following these basic suggestions, you can keep your sterling silver jewelry looking fab for years to come.

I have sensitive skin, can I wear your jewelry?

Absolutely! Our bling is made with sterling silver and gold plated silver, ensuring it's hypoallergenic and safe for you to accessorize with!

Are you a sustainable brand?

Yes! If you're not vibin' with mass production, but dig handmade signature creations, you're in the right spot! We ain't about that high-volume manufacturing grind that harms the environment, everything here stays homemade.

Additionally, our packaging is FSC®-certified, so you know we're Earth-hugging!

Do you make any custom pieces?

Got an idea for a custom piece? Shoot us an email at hello@unikkejewels.com with your vision: a pic or description of what you're after, and we'll hit you back to discuss feasibility and cost.

*Custom pieces cannot be guaranteed to be feasible for production

Do you do repairs?

Yes! we do.

If you're facing a jewelry hiccup, send us an email at hello@unikkejewels.com, we'll investigate and guide you through the next steps.


Where do you ship?

We ship everywhere! Can't find your country? Email us at hello@unikkejewels.com and we'll sort it out!

How long does shipping take?

Order processing, 1-3 business days post confirmation, no matter the shipping choice at checkout.

Packages go out Monday to Friday, no weekends or holidays.  

Shipping times vary based on where you're at!

  • In Estonia? Expect your delivery in 1 to 2 business days!
  • If you're in the EEA: Expect shipping in 4-8 business days
  • For those in other areas: Your package could be on a 15-day business days adventure!

If your package hasn't shown up after the recommended wait period, just shoot us an email at hello@unikkejewels and we'll investigate!

What are your shipping rates?

Shipping rates are a bit of a mystery until you share your location and tracking preferences. Just peek at checkout, and we'll show up the rates based on your address.

Do I need to pay import taxes?

Outside the EEA? Watch out for import duties! Check in with your local authorities!

We don't deal with collecting or paying those mentioned taxes, if there are any.

What to do if I haven't received my order?

If your goodies went missing or did not arrive, please write us at hello@unikkejewels.com pronto!

*Unikke Jewels can't take the blame if packages go missing or get swiped after they reach the customer's door!

*Unikke Jewels isn't accountable for orders delivered incorrectly or lost due to incorrect shipping info at checkout.

Don't forget to double-check your shipping info before hitting that checkout button! If you spot an address that's not quite right in the confirmation email, give us a shout to fix it up quick!

Once an order has shipped we cannot make any changes to your shipping address. 

Do you offer in person pick up?

Yes, only if you are located in Tallinn, Estonia.

To make it happen, when your order is all paid for and you've ticked the -in store pickup- box, give us a shout in the chat on our site or shoot us an email at hello@unikkejewels.com and we'll sort out a meet-up spot for you to take it.


Can I return an item?

Need to make a return? Our return policy is like your safety net in a sea of shopping chaos! https://unikkejewels.com/policies/refund-policy

What to do if I received wrong/ broken item?

In case your item is wonky, give a shout to hello@unikkejewels.com, and we'll make things right!

Feel free to peek at our refund policy for more info https://unikkejewels.com/policies/refund-policy

Still have questions?

Want to get in touch? Contact us anytime and we'll reply quickly!

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