About us

Unikke Jewels is all about embracing your inner sparkle! We design for the woman on-the-go who loves quality with a wink. Think delicate pieces that whisper confidence, a touch of whimsy to brighten your day, and enough shine to make you feel like the radiant gem you are.💖

Hello! I'm Lady 🌟

I run the show over at Unikke Jewels!

I live in Tallinn, Estonia, although I originally come from Bogota, Colombia. My passion lies in creating beautiful, sparkly things for you. While I work in the banking industry during the day, my evenings are dedicated to unleashing my creativity at Unikke. 🌷

On a typical day, you'll catch me hanging out in with my doggy, getting crafty at home, gliding on ice, and jetting around Europe!

📸 Check out this pic of me and Poppy - my jewelry-loving assistant!

Our Story

In Summer 2022 my little jewelry adventure officially began! With a deep breath and a "wish me luck!", I placed my first order of shiny sterling silver supplies.

Life wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for me at the time, though and that's where Unikke became my magic escape! It was a place to pour my feelings into something creative, a way to rediscover who I was, piece by sparkly piece. ✨

Unikke Jewels is all about bouncing back and loving yourself. It's a reminder that we deserve all the good things, and that sometimes, a leap of faith is the best kind of adventure.

Our essence

Forget factories, hello happy hands! Every piece of Unikke Jewels is lovingly handmade in my studio (aka my home!). ✨

I scour the globe for unique treasures – seashells from Colombian beaches, vibrant beads from European markets. Each piece is like a mini adventure, a blend of cultures and tons of love.

So you're not just wearing jewelry, you're wearing a little piece of the world (and a whole lot of cuteness)!